the baker upstairs: fresh strawberry lemonade


fresh strawberry lemonade


Of all the things I've posted on the blog in the last few months, I think this one might be my very favorite! Strawberry lemonade is one of my very favorite treats in the whole world. I order it whenever I see it on a restaurant menu (even when it's outrageously expensive!) and I still can't get enough. It's so refreshing and sweet, and the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. I love slurping the chunks of strawberries up through my straw and I love the contrast of tangy and sweet. Yum!

This homemade version is as good as any I've had at a restaurant, but it's so incredibly easy to make at home! I mentioned earlier this week that I've been making batch after batch of my new favorite strawberry sauce, and this drink is the reason why! I do recognize that it's a super unconventional way to make lemonade, but it seriously couldn't be easier, and I love making it this way. Give it a try and I think you'll love it too!

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

3 lemons, washed well
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water (more if you like your lemonade a little less strong)
2 cups ice
for each serving: 2 tablespoons fresh strawberry sauce

Cut the ends off the lemons, then cut each lemon into sixths or eighths. Add the lemons, the sugar, and 3 cups water to a blender, and pulse 6-8 times, or until the lemons are broken up but not smashed to bits. Pour the mixture into a pitcher through a fine mesh strainer. Add the remaining water and ice. To serve, add some ice to the bottom of a glass. Top with 2 tablespoons strawberry sauce, then fill with lemonade. Enjoy!

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  1. Love Strawberry lemonade! Always a favorite!

    Thanks for sharing.
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  2. This looks so delicious and quenching nummm!

  3. How long does the strawberry sauce last??

  4. Just wondering cuz I made this lemonade with the strawberry sauce in like june or july n put the sauce in a jar n kept in my fridge

    1. I can't say for sure (totally not a food storage expert) but I wouldn't use it if it has been more than a few weeks.


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