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about me


Hi! I'm Alicia, and food is my love language. I've loved to cook and bake since I was little. I've been married to my best friend Geoff for twelve years, and my cooking style has grown and evolved during our marriage. Our first few years of marriage, we ate a lot of pre-packaged mixes and processed food, but since we added kids to the mix, I've been interested in cooking food that is whole and healthy and delicious. We try to eat more or less nutritiously, although there are plenty of desserts around here too. We eat mostly chicken, turkey, and fish, with occasionally a little bacon thrown in for good measure. We love to eat Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Irish cuisine, and are always up for trying something new. Our eight year old, Abby, is as picky as they come, and would subsist entirely on cheese and bread if I let her. Our preschooler, Lizzy, loves food as much as her mommy and daddy, and crams everything she can find directly into her mouth. Dinner time is always a lively affair at our house!

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