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it's about time

I feel bad that I never post on this blog anymore. It's not because I don't cook... I just end up posting anything cool I cook on my family blog, and mostly I just use recipes from other cooking blogs instead of making up my own. This week I was inspired by a post on Mel's Kitchen Cafe to change my menu planning from weekly to every two weeks. Since the baby came, I rarely make it to the grocery store anyway, so only shopping every two weeks would be great. The first week I will do a big shopping trip, and then make a short trip the next week to pick up a few fresh things.

Here's the menu for the next two weeks (starting with yesterday's meal):

Sunday: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Monday: cheeseburger macaroni (with ground turkey), strawberries, green salad
Tuesday: chili, breadsticks, applesauce
Wednesday: mahi mahi, coconut rice, broccoli, apples
Thursday: mushroom soup, fresh rolls, strawberries
Friday: pizza, baby carrots, green salad
Saturday: farewell BBQ for our downstairs neighbors (sniff)

Sunday: lasagna, cauliflower, canned peaches
Monday: swedish meatballs, noodles, peas, canteloupe
Tuesday: stuffed chicken breasts, peas, canned pears
Wednesday: chicken burritos, mexican rice, fruit smoothie
Thursday: coconut chicken fingers, corn, mashed potatoes
Friday: pancakes, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, strawberries
Saturday: fish sticks, tater tots, canned peaches

Treats: rice crispy treats, coconut chocolate chip cookies, granola

So far so good, except that A doesn't really seem to be on board. Yesterday she ate about 4 servings of corn, a few bites of chicken, and refused to touch the mashed potatoes. Today she wouldn't even try a noodle. When I got her to finally put one in her mouth, she started crying and screaming "Yucky! Yucky!" We then had the following conversation:

Mama: Please eat your noodles.
A: They're too yucky!
Mama: Your mama works hard to cook good food for you.
A: Yeah, but this isn't good food, mom.

What happened to the one year old who would eat anything I set in front of her? (You know, the one in the upper right corner of the blog?) Now she's four and impossible to please. Sigh.
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