The Baker Upstairs: skinny strawberry smoothie


skinny strawberry smoothie


So... I don't know about you, but I love a good smoothie! I try to make smoothies at least weekly (and even more during the summer when we're just dripping with fresh fruit). My girls love them, and if I'm super sneaky sometimes I can even get them to eat vegetables they don't usually like if they're all blended up in a smoothie! I'm always on the lookout for fun new recipes, and when I saw this one on Pinterest, I tried it right away. I love how simple it is, and it is incredibly tasty! We usually have a pitcher of Crystal Light in the fridge anyway, so it's super simple to take some fruit out of the freezer and whip up a smoothie any time. The texture is a little different than the smoothies I usually make, sort of halfway between a slushie and a smoothie, but it's delicious and refreshing. It got the thumbs up from everyone in my family, so it's a definite smoothie win!
Skinny Strawberry Smoothie
adapted from Something Swanky

2 cups frozen strawberries (or any other fruit that sounds good!)
1 cup prepared Crystal light (I used kiwi strawberry flavor, and it was fab)

Blend together until well blended, and enjoy!
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  1. Wow, this IS easy! It looks delicious and so refreshing! I'll have to remember this drink especially in the spring and summer when I crave strawberries so. (Although I can find frozen ones year round:)

    1. I agree with the frozen fruit but fresh always tastes better to me =)

    2. I did use fresh strawberries, two cups of crushed ice, 1 cup of Crystal Light lemonade (prepared) and a spoon or two of sugar to fight the tartness! Delicious!!

  2. I love strawberry, will definitely have to try this :) x

  3. This is my favorite smoothie ever! I can't wait until I'm warm enough to drink it again! :)

  4. We are a smoothie family here...genius idea to use the crystal light (I make my kids have spinach in their smoothies!)

  5. We drink a lot of smoothies too! I need to try the crystal light trick!!!

  6. Yum, I love the Crystal Light trick....gorgeous photo too!

  7. That really looks good!

    BTW I LOVE your blog design! It's super cute. :)

  8. This sounds delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Alicia, this looks awesome. In awe that it' "skinny"!! YUM.

  10. Ouhhh what a great idea using the Crystal Light! The smoothie looks delicious!